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Perform SEO Efficiently and Quickly With the Finest Set of SEO Tools That Can Be Used Without Any Subscription or Sign-Ins

People used to carry their cargo over great distances by themselves or on animals before the invention of the wheel, but the gift that the invention of the wheel brought to humankind has become the foundation of modern transportation.

Another way to look at this is that when you have the appropriate tools at your disposal, you not only use them to make your work simpler, but you also use them to push your work to extreme levels of excellence.

SEO TOOLS: A Smart Choice to Do Better and Effective SEO

The same principle can be used in tools that are used not only to perform SEO on a website but to do a better version of the same SEO with the assistance of the right set of SEO tools for website evaluation and your expertise.

However, believe us when we say that finding the right set of SEO tools online can be a herculean effort, and we, with our devoted team of web developers, have gone through this arduous process only to learn that each SEO tool comes with its own set of perks and drawbacks.

Some businesses provide SEO tools online that may do wonders in the right hands, but their exorbitant subscription charges are a significant barrier for freelance SEO practitioners or small online business owners.

Some businesses provide SEO tools online that may do wonders in the right hands, but their exorbitant subscription charges are a significant barrier for freelance SEO practitioners or small online business owners.

Is It Worth Your Time To Use Free SEO Tools?

One might well argue that there is no reason to use paid SEO tools for websites when there are several websites that provide free SEO tools. This may be a contentious issue because there are several benefits and drawbacks to using the free SEO tools available online.

For example, every set of free SEO tools available online comes with either limited access or terrible functionality. Unless you purchase one of their premium packages, several free SEO tools online only provide you with a restricted number of tasks each day.

Some free SEO checks, such as plagiarism checkers, have limited word counts, wasting writers' valuable time. The same is true for certain paraphrasing tools.

Though some paraphrasing tools claim to decrease the time a writer takes to beautify his content by at least three times, these free SEO checkers or free SEO tools come with limited access or flaws that do not let these free SEO tools live up to their claims.

Taking into account all of the flaws we discovered during our research, our team created a set of free SEO tools for websites that not only include Unlimited SEO tools but also have free SEO tools with no limited constraints that are going to place unnecessary stress on freelance SEO practitioners or learning minds to look for free SEO tools online and waste their time and attention on these lookouts.

We are certain that our endeavor on creating a set of free SEO tools though not unlimited in a literal sense yet are in the number that would be more than enough for any webmaster and he won't have to google for queries like "free SEO tools", "SEO Tools Online", "Unlimited SEO Tools", "Free SEO Audit Tools", "SEO Tools for Website", "Free SEO Checker" ever again.

Free SEO Tools by SEO TOOLS

There is no need for a separate account to have access to all of the free SEO tools. All the SEO tools provided to us on our platform are completely free to use and require no registration or signup, making the process quick and easy. If you require any more assistance in understanding any of our free SEO tools or in using any of our SEO tools online, please email us and provide feedback on the tool. Every input will be respected and acknowledged.  

We have made every effort to make these free SEO tools error-free and to provide you with results that are accurate and effective to the point where they do justice to our claims, but as we all know, perfection is nearly impossible to achieve, which is why we are always looking for ways to improve our free SEO tools and make them better than before. We'd be delighted to hear what you have to say. They simply serve to improve our free SEO tool.

So, have a look at our website's entire collection of free SEO tools and free SEO checkers:

  • Domain Authority Checker

In order for a website to be seen by as many people as possible, it must be ranked at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs).

An easy approach to know how search engines rank websites is to look at their domain authority score. The Free Domain authority checker tool developed by SEO tools is by far the greatest free SEO checker tool or free SEO audit tool accessible on the Internet.

We are not extolling the virtues of our free SEO checker. We have found such laudatory remarks about our Free DA checker tool in many of the feedback we have received regarding the improvements in our free SEO tools.

The DA Checker tool, which is featured in our list of Free SEO checker tools, allows you to test the authority of many websites at the same time. This examination performed by our Free SEO checker aids you in selecting respectable websites with which to associate in order to increase your link profile while avoiding low-quality sites and damaging links.

  • Page Authority Checker

There are numerous such Free SEO checker tools available online and can be accessed very easily, but ours not only includes all of the best features of all the free SEO tools available on the internet today, but it is also totally free of flaws such as restrictions that are common with most of the PA checkers available online.

This free SEO checker can run a test on up to 20 web pages at once. This figure is twice that of several online PA checks. Imagine how much time you can save by using our tool!

  • Pagespeed Insights Checker

This free SEO audit tool, part of our collection of free SEO tools, provides Google PageSpeed Insights page score and performance optimization options. This free SEO checker from us provides you with page details part by part to help you discover problematic parts on a webpage and shows you the load progression of the site using a straightforward report.

  • Page Speed Checker

This Free SEO checker, which is part of our collection of free SEO tools, allows users to test their web pages for free with up to various global regions to verify your website can be viewed by people in those areas as well.

Once a test is completed, our free SEO checker offers our users with a detailed performance report, allowing you to plan your next steps precisely.

This free SEO checker from our collection of free SEO tools allows you to choose the browser from which you want to evaluate your page speed. This free SEO checker's main feature is responsible for its remarkable popularity.

  • Google Cache Checker

This free SEO checker from SEO Tools quickly tests your web sites' Google page cache and is a quick and effective way to see if the pages on your website are included in Google's search index.

  • Broken Links Finder

When someone searches for something related to your niche, search engine bots go through your website. The links connected with your sites enable these crawlers to navigate the internet, which is why links are so important in SEO.

If the links to your pages are broken, the Crawlers will not be able to crawl your pages any further. This impediment hurls a strong blow on your page authority and deteriorates your page's repute in the viewpoint of the search engines.

Another free SEO audit tool provided at SEO TOOLS, broken links finder, has assisted millions in locating such broken links by doing an exact examination of their website.

  • Plagiarism Checker

This free SEO tool that has been named Advanced Plagiarism Checker has been carefully designed to detect plagiarism in any digital text quickly and accurately. This free SEO Tool was designed by a team of highly competent programmers to provide results in a flash. In fact, a 2000-word scan may be completed in less than three minutes.

Yes! What you've heard is true. Search for 2000 words. Even while most free SEO tools only allow you to search 1000- 1500 words, this isn't really unexpected. This problem of yours has been successfully resolved. A text of fewer than 5000 words is no problem for this free SEO tool, and it doesn't require any paid subscription.

  • Meta Tag Generator

The core intention behind the creation of this Free SEO tool is to alleviate part of the webmaster's stress by reducing the work from minutes to seconds. Quickly testing different titles and images is like a fluid with this free SEO tool of ours.

  • Keyword Ranking Checker

For a given keyword, keyword position refers to a website's position in the search engine rankings in relation to other websites that are also competing for that keyword. Webmasters and SEO professionals work tirelessly to get and maintain high rankings on the first page of the SERPs.

For a particular keyword, our Free SEO Checker identifies a website's position in the search engine's results as compared to other websites competing for the same term.

Our keyword rank tool provides you with this information for FREE. This free SEO tool is not only quick and easy to use, but it is also incredibly dependable and effective as well.

  • Keywords Suggestion Tool

If you've been writing for the same niche for a long time and have run out of valuable ideas, you're not alone. All writers experience it and spend additional time seeking new ideas to write more on the same topic in a similar niche.

No need to waste time conducting your own research anymore. Using the most recent Google search data, this free SEO tool on our platform generates accurate, focused advertising suggestions for you.

  • Keyword Density Checker

Use our free SEO audit tool to find out how many keywords are contained in a webpage by entering the URL or copying and pasting its content into the text input field. Following the extraction of all of the words, it will automatically compute the frequency of one-word phrase combinations, two-word combinations, and tree word combinations. With these calculations, our free SEO tools calculate keyword density for a page or content that has been evaluated.

  • My IP Address

Using a single click, you can find out your IP address, ISP, and precise coordinates of your location with this easy-to-use free SEO tool from our unlimited SEO tools collection.

  • Bulk Geo IP Locator

This free SEO audit tool geolocates many IP addresses at once, allowing you to easily evaluate these IP addresses and screen out spammers or IP addresses that might negatively influence your online business.

  • Business Email Finder Tool

If you're wondering how to locate a company's email address online, our free SEO checker is precisely what you're looking for. When you utilize our free SEO checker, you may get a list of email addresses by bulk uploading the domains of various organizations. This free SEO tool has a number of other functions. To obtain a better understanding of this instrument and save time, utilize this fantastic free SEO checker.

  • XML Sitemap Generator

This Free SEO tool is a high-quality application that will help you create successful XML Sitemaps for your websites. Each sitemap produced with this free SEO tool may be posted to any type of website to begin reaping the benefits.

This free SEO TOOL was designed particularly to satisfy the SEO criteria for a high ranking.

Here's a fact that will convince you to save our tool to your bookmarks. You can quickly build a sitemap with up to 500 pages, different change frequencies, and preset priorities with this free SEO tool.

  • Htaccess Redirect Generator

This free SEO tool makes it easier to execute the most frequent redirection scenarios using htaccess, which is very useful when applying SEO best practices and suggestions in Web migrations. Simply choose the appropriate situation to get a customized code depending on your input, ready to copy and paste.

  • Domain Age Checker

When it comes to SEO, several various variables contribute to a website's performance on SERPs, and one of them is Domain Age.

Our Domain Age Checker is a free SEO tool that allows you to determine the exact age of a domain or website from the moment it was registered to the time it is active. You can also examine the age of your competitor's domain and the domains you wish to acquire using the same free SEO tool online. Older domains are more significant to strengthen their search engine rankings.

  • DNS Records Finder

This free SEO audit tool retrieves all of a domain's DNS records and displays them in a prioritized list. DNS Records Finder, a free SEO tool that is easy to use, can be useful for verifying the modifications you make to your DNS records. To ensure that you have configured the right DNS records for your domain, use this free SEO tool to validate your DNS records to avoid downtime.

  • Domain Hosting Checker

A web hosting service provider provides website owners with the technology and services required to make their website accessible over the World Wide Web.

A web host provider can also assist a website in loading quickly, which is why it is critical to seek a website hosting business that provides high-quality performance.

Discover who is hosting any website in a matter of seconds. Our free SEO tool Domain hosting Checker gives the most precise findings.

  • Domain Into IP

When you start looking for ways to resolve a domain name to IP address, you will come across a plethora of options that can help you convert a domain to an IP address. Some of those solutions will advise you to use the tracer or ping commands. However, after you've found the IP address, you'll realize how tiresome it may be. When there's an easier way: our Free SEO tool — the Domain to IP converter, there's no reason to do this tiresome work on your own.

  • Suspicious Domain Checker

Have you ever been unsure whether a particular website is safe to visit? Though Google will show you which sites are secure in its search results, double-checking will simply add an extra layer of protection to your website.

Another free SEO tool in our arsenal of Unlimited SEO tools, our Suspicious Domain Checker, is a powerful malware detector for your website. It will examine domains and websites to determine if they are safe or suspicious. You may enter up to 20 websites to check for a variety of problems and determine whether they are secure.

  • Reverse Ip Domain Checker

This free SEO tool identifies hostnames with DNS records connected with an IP address. You may use this free SEO tool to identify all the websites hosted on a certain IP address, allowing you to keep track of domains that arrive and leave on a competitor's IP address.

  • Alexa Rank Checker

Although Alexa, an Amazon-owned web analytics business, provides a variety of services and has even been engaged in several significant initiatives in the past, its most well-known service or tool is "Alexa Rank."

But why is the Alexa Ranking important for your website? According to Alexa, you may learn "how well a website is performing relative to all other sites on the web during the previous three months."

Our free SEO tool, another free one from our arsenal of unlimited free SEO tools, is created with the most advanced technologies available to give the most accurate results you can rely on. Furthermore, this free SEO tool is the simplest to use.

The free SEO tool is created by professional web developers that well understand the intricacies of online analytics, and it is thus made to be very dependable. You may rely on our rank checker tool to provide reliable and simple findings derived from Alexa's web engines.

  • Whois Lookup Checker

When a domain is registered, ICANN mandates that the people, corporations, or organizations supply their domain registrars with up-to-date personal contact information.

Information such as name, address, email, phone number, and connected IP addresses is gathered and uploaded in the ICANN WHOIS Database, which acts as a global address book for the general public to use for free.

When you use our Free SEO tool, WHOIS LOOKUP CHECKER, to perform a WHOIS Lookup, the results will show who or what entity owns or controls that domain name, as well as contact information such as name, phone number, and address.

Have you found the ideal new domain name or website? Your WHOIS search with our Free SEO tool—WHOIS LOOKUP CHECKER will reveal whether or not the domain is available for registration and when it is due to expire!

  • Code To Text Ratio Checker

The text-to-HTML ratio of a web page is utilized by search engines to determine the relevance of a web page. Increasing your text-to-HTML ratio can also improve your chances of getting a strong page ranking in search engines.

Many search engines are already using the text to code ratio in their algorithm, which is why website owners should have it examined.

Our Free SEO tool — Code to Text Ratio Checker is simple to use. This free-to-use online SEO tool can assist you in determining the proportion of text on any web page. This free SEO Tool employs a one-of-a-kind technique to determine the ratio of visible text to HTML code on a web page.

  • Article Rewriter

An article rewrite is done to completely modify the text structure and make the material more fresh and distinctive for people to read and appreciate.

The issue arises when you need to change every allowed phrase to assure the originality of the outcome while keeping the main idea of the subject the same. Not every article spinner, rewriter, or SEO tool available online can do this.

Another free SEO tool in our inventory of Unlimited SEO tools is our Article Rewriter, which was created after learning from the flaws of other paid and free SEO tools available online.

All you have to do is copy and paste it, and the best free SEO tool for sentence rewriting will transform the entire article in a matter of seconds, providing you with fresh material that everyone can read and comprehend.

  • Backlink Generator

Our backlink generating free SEO tool generates high-quality, natural backlinks for your website. Simply input the Uniform Resource Locator of your website and click the "Generate Backlinks" button of our free SEO tool to begin creating free backlinks.

  • Meta Tags Analyzer

Mets Tags Analyzing Free SEO tool, which we provide, is highly effective. It gives you all you need to know so that you can work out the ideal Meta tags to use. Learn about Meta tags and double-check that whether you're on the correct road or not. 

It greatly aids in the optimization of your blog or website for web crawlers. You may also use this tool to check and examine your competitor's watchwords.

  • Robots.Txt Generator

Robots.txt is a file that may be placed in your website's root folder to assist search engines index your site more accurately. Crawlers of Search Engines are used to evaluate all of the information on your website. For example, the admin page may be excluded from search results if you don't want it crawled. These pages can be expressly ignored by adding them to the file. The Robots Exclusion Protocol is used by robots.txt files.

This free SEO tool will quickly build such robot.txt files for you based on the sites you want to exclude.

  • Backlink Checker

Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, says "Content and Links flowing into your site are the two most significant ranking criteria of Google’s Search Engine.

So, after you've got your content in place, you should definitely focus on creating backlinks to your domain and essential pages. Quality links are a ranking element that can assist you in outperforming your competition in search results.

Backlink Checker, a free SEO tool from our catalog of Unlimited SEO tools, was created to provide you with access to the backlink profile of any website on the internet. Investigate who is connecting to you and your best-performing content. Find out which of your competitors' backlinks are the most valuable and analyze their backlink profile to look for patterns and future link opportunities.

  • Online Ping Website Tool

The fact that search engines don't index all of your website's pages is quite aggravating.

Indexing your site is critical if you are constantly adding fresh material. Each page of your website must be indexed by a search engine crawler. An SEO practitioner must encourage search engines to crawl and index each page of his website. For this purpose, he has to ping the site he is working on.

Pinging a website is like pounding a drum to let search engines know you've updated your website. Ping is a networking utility application that determines if a host is reachable by doing a test.

When a website hasn't been scanned in over ten weeks, we recommend using our online ping tool. To let search engines know you have new material ready to be indexed, enter the URLs of the relevant pages in the "Enter URLs" field.

  • Link Analyzer

Whether you're responding to a recent change or doing a regular link audit, our Link Analyzer, another free SEO tool from our collection of unlimited free SEO Tools, makes evaluating and analyzing your links as simple as possible.

When using our free SEO link checker, you can only check the links on a single page at a time. So, if you want a thorough link audit, don't just look at the main page; look at each individual web page as well.

  • Google Malware Checker

Protect your website from Malware by using this free online SEO tool to check for Malware on a regular basis. You can easily and quickly determine whether a website is safe to access by performing a complete Website Malware scan utilizing our free SEO tool for the same purpose.

  • Url Rewriting Tool

Do you want to make your lengthy and dynamic URL static? All you need to do is utilize our URL rewriting free SEO tool, which is one of several free SEO tools in our collection of unlimited SEO tools. Enter the URL in the URL field and then press the 'Rewrite URL' button.

But, why is it necessary to convert dynamic links to static links?

  • In comparison to dynamic ones, static ones are easier for end-users to remember.
  • Static links are also easy to bookmark when necessary. Static URLs can help with SEO and search engine ranking.
  • Www Redirect Checker

Redirects are methods for directing traffic from one URL to another. Assume you have an online shopping website with the URL "" You, on the other hand, decide to modify your URL to "" You'd need to set up a redirect so that anyone who puts in your old URL or clicks on a link to the old URL is immediately sent to the new, accurate page. This is also true for all of your website's pages and links.

Our Free SEO tool to check redirects is an efficient tool to check the validity of the redirects with accuracy. With such tools in our collection of Unlimited SEO Tools, we hope to assist all SEO practitioners in performing fantastic SEO. Allowing individuals like you to access and utilize our free SEO tool — redirect checker — allows you to do more for your business and, as a result, achieve more success.

  • Url Encoder / Decoder

The encoder/decoder tool from our Unlimited SEO tools collection allows you to convert an unlimited number of characters to ASCII code format. This utility can also encode strings and texts. This tool is completely free to use and is a dependable free SEO tool for performing limitless checks.

  • Server Status Checker

Our free SEO tool Server Status Checker allows you to determine if a website is offline or online. To check the status of your website, simply input the name of your domain or sub-domain into our Free SEO tool. The users of our free SEO tool can enter up to 100 URLs at a time, separated by lines.

As it monitors the server status, our tool plays an important role in identifying different difficulties with your website. Enter up to 100 websites in the provided text field, and the tool, after doing the entire math for you and will display the HTTP status code and status for each one. 

  • Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

Web Page Screen Resolution Machine Tool is another free SEO tool in our collection of Unlimited SEO tools. This Free SEO tool has a collection of varied resolution pixels that allow an internet page to be replicated on a variety of platforms. Users can adjust resolutions manually in order to encourage excellent screen resolution.

We have included screen resolution options that may be adjusted to fit the majority of browser display patterns. To gain access to those pixels, input your domain address into the provided text field, select your desired resolution, and click on the 'check' button. Your website will be shown instantly with the appropriate screen resolution levels.

  • Page Size Checker

There is almost no way to determine the page sizes of a domain if you compute the webpage size manually. As a result, utilizing a Website Page Size Checker is recommended.

The Website Size Checker, a free SEO tool in our collection of Unlimited SEO tools, tells you the average size of any URL's web page. You must input the URL you wish to verify the size of, and the Page Size Checker will compute the size of that URL in an instant.

We understand the value of time, money, and effort for internet businesses. We intend to keep everything for you. You'll be surprised at how well our Website Page Sizes Checker free SEO Tool works. When you enter the URL of the page you wish to determine the page size of, our tool returns results quickly.

Aside from that, using our page size calculator is completely free of charge. Yes, you do not have to pay anything to calculate the page sizes of a given URL.

  • Domain Blacklist Lookup

If your domain is blacklisted, it implies that you have been added to the spam list and your website's reputation has suffered. A blacklist is a list of blacklisted domains and IP addresses that users cannot visit directly, and servers block emails from such sites.

When is a domain blacklist lookup required?

If you want to acquire a new domain, buying a banned name is a terrible investment.

Furthermore, no matter how hard you attempt to optimize a blacklisted domain, its rankings do not increase.

Our free domain blacklist lookup SEO tool determines whether the URL or IP address supplied is in the DNSBL database or is "blacklisted." Our free SEO tool provides straightforward results quickly and accurately.

  • Website/Domain Worth Calculator

Interested in learning how much is the worth of your website on the internet? Our Advanced Website worth Calculator is a free SEO Tool to examine your website and determine its worth in monetary terms, therefore utilize our Website worth Calculator tool is to determine the price of your website. In order to deduce the worth of your website or domain, Our Website/ Domain worth Calculator takes into account the site's reputation based on rating and age, as well as backlinks and other factors. To receive an estimate, enter the URL into the supplied box and discover how much is the worth of your links.

  • Get Source Code Of Webpage

In some cases, a close examination of a website's source code is required to gain a deeper knowledge of a specific feature or features of a webpage. Some pages will not allow you to view their source code, but this fantastic free SEO tool from our collection of Unlimited SEO tools will enable you to read the source code of any website without any problem.

  • Google Index Checker

The Google index is a listing of all the web pages that Google is aware of. It has hundreds of billions of web pages and is continuously being updated with new ones. A web page must be in the Google Index in order to appear in search results.

A page must first be crawled before it can be indexed. Every website is given a crawl budget by Google. The crawl budget is described as "the number of URLs Googlebot is able and willing to crawl." If a website has too many pages in comparison to its crawl budget, Google will not crawl and index all of its pages.

The Google Index Checker is yet another free SEO tool from our collection of unlimited SEO tools that can be used to determine whether or not a page or website has been indexed by Google. You can check up to ten URLs at once.

  • Website Links Count Checker

If you operate a website, you're probably aware that the most common concern among webmasters and SEO practitioners is to keep track of number of links they have on their site and the number of more links they truly need.  The number of incoming links to your website is crucial since the more high-quality links you have, the better your website will rank in search engines like Google.

Due to the importance of links in SEO, tools like our website link count checker have become indispensable. Various such free SEO Checkers can be found on numerous websites if you do an online search for a link count checker or link counter.

The vast majority of these tools are either defective or have extremely limited functionality. We have one of the most effective free SEO tools for checking the number of backlinks to a website. You simply need to input the URL of the website to use our free SEO checker, and the results will be displayed to you immediately.

  • Class C Ip Checker

The Class C IP Tool is a free SEO checker for you to see whether a few selected websites are hosted in the same C class range. Using this tool, you may discover SEO communities that are hazardous as well as determine site networks. When doing a backlink analysis, you may make use of a tool like this one.

With our simple, easy-to-use free SEO checker, you can begin your Class C Ip test right now. This free SEO checker does not require any installation and can be used immediately. 

  • Online Md5 Generator

Online MD5 Hash Generator is a free SEO tool by SEO TOOLS. This free SEO tool encrypts a single input string into a fixed 128-bit MD5 string.

Simply paste your Input String or drag a text file into the first textbox of this free SEO tool, then hit the "Submit" button to see the output in the second textbox.

  • Search Engine Spider Simulator

Search Engine Spider Simulator is yet another free SEO tool from our collection of unlimited SEO tools. This free SEO Tool mimics any Search Engine by presenting the content of a webpage precisely as a Search Engine bot would perceive it.

Simply input the URL, fill out the captcha, and click the ‘Submit' button to see any website through the eyes of any search engine spider.

  • Html Color Code Picker

The HTML color picker is used to select colors of various hues that we typically can't remember since there are so many of them.

Indeed, you cannot label every shade of color because a slight variation results in a distinct shade. Sometimes two or more colors are blended to create a new color tone.

As previously stated, specific names are not feasible for such a wide range of colors, but each color is assigned a Hex code. This HTML color picker provides the RGB color code for the shades of colors. The browser may read this code and display the color on the website based on it.