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About Plagiarism Checker

100% Free Plagiarism Checker Tool Online by SEOTools

Plagiarism is a big source of frustration for website owners. Google prefers sites with new and original material. Every search engine, not just Google, strives to provide the best result for a user's search query. However, if a piece of text is found on another website word for word, it most likely does not meet those requirements.

Not only that, but if another site duplicates your material word for word, Google crawlers will have no way of knowing which is the original. Because the crawlers are unsure whether the piece of content deserves to be ranked higher, they will rank both lower than a completely unique piece of content.

However, how does someone else effortlessly reproduce content? The Internet operates on the principle that everyone with an Internet connection has free and easy access to much of the stuff available on it. Though a web developer has a number of alternatives for putting a barrier in the way of access like disabling right-click, this will only protect your material from persons with a limited understanding of computers. Otherwise, others can copy and paste your information onto their own website, resulting in content duplication, which is terrible for SEO.

Why Using Plagiarized Content Not Worthy Of Your Effort?

Here is the list of consequences that you may face on using plagiarized content:

In An Academic Work

Plagiarism, even in small percentages, can result in you earning nada on an assignment, while a large quantity of plagiarism in an assignment might result in your expulsion or suspension from the institution. In any of the circumstances, you would end up feeling embarrassed in front of your peers; and who knows, this violation might make your teacher scrutinize your future assignments more attentively than that of the rest of the class.

In Personal Life

Many studies have found that students who employ plagiarized literature in their assignments bypass the learning process that they may have experienced when conducting their study. According to reports, using duplicate text in an assignment jeopardizes the primary goal of providing these assignments in the first place, which is to enhance learner's writing abilities. In their later life, such individuals lack the mental ability required to develop original content because they have only cheated throughout their learning period.

In A Professional Work

Countless editors, scholars, authors, and inventors have had their professional and personal reputations shattered as a result of charges of plagiarism.

In Legal Work

Plagiarism can result in the plagiarist being forced to pay monetary compensation for ill-gotten earnings as well as any possible losses that reproducing may have caused to the original writer. Duplicating data can often result in the plagiarist facing criminal charges, with penalties ranging from fines to jail.

How Does Any Plagiarism Checker Work?

Plagiarism checkers have a valuable resource for comparing your work to other works. They present you with the proportion of plagiarism identified in your writing after the comparison, and some tools even pinpoint the spots where they are put in your material. Now it's up to you to decide whether to cite the plagiarized information or to delete it for good.

It would be accurate to argue that employing a plagiarism checker is far more convenient and time-saving than running a search engine check.

But What Will You Do If You Find Plagiarism In Your Article Or Blog?

Have a look at this set of tips to get rid of plagiarism from your text:

  • The greatest suggestion here is to start and finish your job early, because deadlines may force you to find alternative ways to complete your writing on time.
  • Know better, Write better! Before you write a single word, make sure you have enough information about the topic.
  • Keep in mind Plagiarism includes paraphrasing as well. That is why be sure to acknowledge the original author in your content.
  • You should be able to cite the publications you're quoting because the citation is among the most efficient techniques to avoid plagiarism.
  • Do not post or submit your article immediately after it has been written. Check your writing for duplicated material with an Advanced Plagiarism Checker. This will enable you in producing a work that is free of plagiarism.

Importance of An Advanced Plagiarism Checker Tool

  1. An advanced plagiarism checker can provide you with a detailed plagiarism report.
  2. It also ensures that your content is fit for getting a copyright stamp or not.
  3. A plagiarism checker easily detects any flaw in any paraphrased text.  Not just that, it can also protect you from making mistakes with your citations, copying and pasting, and even the tiniest amount of unintentional plagiarism.
  4. Every individual who does SEO strives for higher ranks in the Search Engine Results Page. If you're one of them, NEVER POST SOMETHING THAT IS SUBSTANTIALLY COPIED!
  5. Publish a plagiarized content only when playing with fire is your game. An FYI, Google blacklists any content that is not entirely unique.

By now, you must have understood how damaging a piece of pirated information can be to your reputation and your website.

Whether you're a passionate blogger or a devoted content developer, it is really critical that you develop distinctive material. And how you can achieve this distinction?

Relax! It isn't rocket science. When you're through writing your material, be sure to run it through our advanced plagiarism checker tool, to ensure that it's plagiarism-free.

Advanced Plagiarism Checker by SEO Tools

Advanced Plagiarism Checker has been meticulously developed to identify plagiarism in any digitized text fast and correctly. Our team of highly skilled programmers developed this plagiarism checker in a way so that it gives results in a flash. In fact, it can render results of a 2000 word scan in less than 3 minutes.

Yes! You heard it right. 2000 word search. This could be surprising since most of the free tools only offer a search of 1000 to 1500 words. We have dealt with this problem of yours with good. To your surprise, this tool can easily run a text of fewer than 5000 words with any premium subscription.

Also, keep in mind that every time it runs a scan it goes through billions of pages available online to give the user the accurate result that is possible. This plagiarism checker does not lose its accuracy for purposes other than Search engine optimization. It can give effective results for academic works too

Features of This Advanced Plagiarism Checker

  1. Multipurpose use
  2. Deep Search (billions of web pages)
  3. A Quick Scan
  4. Support a variety of languages
  5. Reliable Reports
  6. It's simple to use!
  7. Data Security
  8. Cutting-Edge Technology
  9. Scans up to 5000 words in a go
  10. Percentage-wise indication of the plagiarism
  11. A list-based, sentence-wise result.

Important Note: We value user privacy and hence do not keep any of your uploaded material on our server. The tool automatically deletes any material the minute you leave our website.